Support the artists.
Today's young artists support wildlife conservation and protecting the environment!

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Our up and coming artists, musicians and teachers need your support.
With cuts in Federal funding, education and entertainment in Australia are in difficult times.
As Australia's human population explodes, the ecosystems in Australia are collapsing.
Here we are working to support up and coming artists, entertainers and educators in Australia.
From the early teens starting their first rock band for a school show, kids wanting to save threatened wildlife after getting a reptile incursion, or elderly Australians who want to continue to make a useful difference for the public good, we are here to lend a hand.
Ethical businesses are not always easy to locate.
So we will support those who need a little halping hand.
Whether it is a novice musician, an apprentice tradie, an entertainer in an unusual space, volunteer, or anyone else working for the common good, we are here to make your name recognized.
We are dedicated to matching people with the best entertainers, educators and coordinators of ethically sourced products or services available.
While we work in the fields or arts, science, technology and entertainment, we are dedicated to helping all environmentalists, and educators in saving Australia for future generations.

If you think your artistic achievememnts are worth bragging about, then let us know.
If you think your trade or service is makijng Australia a better place, then let us know.
Tell us if you are making an important contribution to saving Australia's unique wildlife.
And if you are contributing to making Australia safe, also let us know.

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