Snake Avoidance

Canine Snake Avoidance training to keep your dog safe from venomous snakes!

Venomous snakes and dogs!
Not a good mix!
Until now there was little one could do to keep snakes and dogs apart when no one is there to protect the dog.
It is a well-worn Australian story of a pet owner coming home from work to find that their dog has attacked a snake and both snake and dog are dead on the ground.
If the dog survived, then the vet bill would almost kill the owner.
People would call snake catchers to relocate snakes that turned up and of course, keeping a yard clean of snake hidey holes was another strategy people used to try to keep their canines safe.
However since 2004 a new method was devised to keep people's pet dogs safe from snakes.
Canine snake avoidance was invented by the Snakeman Raymond Hoser and a number of dog trainers in Australia to keep dogs safe.
For the first time ever a method was devised to successfully train dogs to run away from venomous snakes.
This was done using surgically devenomized deadly snakes, first developed by Snakeman Raymond Hoser.
These snakes were originally created to make live reptile shows and venomous snake displays safe.
The devenomized snakes, known as venomoids, were so good, that it made sense for the Snakeman to devenomize all the venomous snakes he had.
You see the snakes did not have to handled with sticks and tongs (as there was no risk to the handler) and so the snakes could be handled with care and respect, instead of bashed by sticks and tongs.
The animal welfare benefits of devenomizing regularly handled snakes was compelling.
But it turned out that these snakes were the best possible thing in terms of teaching dogs to avoid snakes.
In combination with an electric collar, these snakes could be used to train dogs to avoid the exact species of snakes likely to kill the dog, but with zero risk to the dog at the time of training.
The dog snake avoidance training worked so well, that for the first time ever, dogs could be trained successfully to avoid deadly snakes.

Dog Snake Avoidance

Previous attempts to teach dogs to avoid venomous snakes, using non-venomous varieties simply didn't work.
Attempts using snake feces, skins and the like didn't work either.
Dogs are the brains trust when it comes to scent and smells and they know the difference between live snakes and skins, dead snakes and live snakes, new scent trails and old ones.
Done properly, Canine snake avoidance to keep dogs safe from snakes is relatively cheap, as a rule has a 100 percent success rate and is not even expensive.
Raymond Hoser and the dog trainers he works with have save the lives of countless dogs in Victoria and elsewhere.
Did I mention the snake aversion training has also saved the lives of a lot of snakes as well.

Canine Snake Avoidance

Therefore not only is canine snake avoidance training saving the lives of dogs, but it is great for wildlife conservation as well.
For further information on snake avoidance training visit the website at and avoid unsafe trademark infringing imitators.
Only legitimate Snake Avoidance TM will keep your dog safe!

Canine Snake Avoidance

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