New species of turtle

George Floyd is recognized by having a new species of turtle named in his honour.

A peer reviewed paper has formally named a recently discovered species of Australian Saw-shelled Turtle Wollumbinia georgefloydi Hoser, 2021 in honour of George Floyd.
Floyd was bashed and killed by four police officers at Minnesota, USA, in 2020 and his death sparked outrage and protests globally.
The naming of this turtle in honour of George Floyd follows a massive three volume monograph on the Australasian Tree Frogs published by Hoser in 2020 in which Hoser announced the formal discovery of 62 new species.
One of those new to science species was also named in honour of George Floyd.
At that time, Raymond Hoser wrote:
“The species is named in honour of the late George Floyd, a victim of an unprovoked attack by four thug police officers at Powderhorn, in downtown Minneapolis, USA, on 25 May 2020.”
A second frog species was also named Kumanjayiwalkerus kumanjayi in honour of Kumanjayi Walker a 19 year old Aboriginal (Black) Australian who was unlawfully shot and killed by a police officer in 2019.
Hoser wrote:
“The species Kumanjayiwalkerus kumanjayi sp. nov. is named in honour Kumanjayi Walker, another indigenous Australian victim of an execution by a racist white Australian police officer in the Northern Territory (NT), being one of over 400 such victims in Australia since 1990.
The 19 year old was shot and killed by NT Police Officer Zachary Rolfe in November 2019.” Hoser also wrote: “The world is full of memorials and species named in honour mass murderers, thieves and despots and it is appropriate that victims of these people should also be honoured occasionally.”
The frog paper was published in hard copy on Friday 5 June 2020 and following publication of this paper, a number of people have heeded Hoser’s words and toppled statues of racists and murderers and thrown them into rivers and lakes.
The paper naming the new turtle species in honour of George Floyd was published on 16 August 2021.

New species of turtle

Wollumbinia georgefloydi occurs in the wet tropics region of north Queensland, Australia, bounded by the Burdekin Gap in the South and found as far north as about Cape Flattery.
Hoser also named another newly discovered species Wollumbinia darnellafrazierae Hoser, 2021.
Wollumbinia darnellafrazierae is named in honour of Darnella Frazier.
Born 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee to parents LaTangie Gillespie and James Frazier. She has three brothers and one sister. Most of Darnella’s life, however, has been spent in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After being active in varsity basketball, she graduated from Roosevelt High School in that city.
She is an American woman who (at age 17) video recorded the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, and then posted her video on Facebook.
Because Frazier’s video contradicted the initial Minneapolis police account of Floyd’s death, it sparked global protests regarding police abuse, lies and corruption. Demonstrations demanding justice for Floyd exploded over the summer of 2020 involving an estimated 26 million U.S. citizens in more than 2,000 cities across the nation. Similar protests took place in over 60 nations around the world. The Frazier video sparked the greatest level of demonstrations and protest in human history. More immediately her video led to more intense monitoring of police behaviour around the world including investigations of past acts of police killings of unarmed black men, women, and children. Without her video, the Floyd death would have been ignored and the victim blamed.

The genus name Myuchelys Thomson and Georges, 2009 was illegally coined as a genus name to over-write Wollumbina Wells, 2007 by a pair of taxonomic vandals and police protected criminals, Scott Thomson and Arthur Georges. The name Myuchelys is an objective junior synonym of Wollumbina and the International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) has ruled that the illegally coined Myuchelys should never be used.
In spite of the ICZN ruling of 2021 against the thieves, Thomson and Georges have aggressively promoted their illegal name online, including on wikipedia pages that they obsessively control and so a warning against their reckless misinformation is given here.

Raymond Hoser, is the world’s foremost expert on reptiles and frogs.
He has authored numerous major books on wildlife, handles the world’s deadliest snakes on a daily basis, does reptile shows for kids and adults and invented Reptile Parties for birthday parties, which are now copied by businesses worldwide and hailed as one of the greatest wildlife conservation and education initiatives in recent times.
To date he has discovered and named over 350 species of reptiles, as well as discovering and naming dozens of species of frogs and mammals.
Not as well-known is that in 1990 Hoser was bashed by several police in a police station in Melbourne, Australia and nearly killed in the same manner George Floyd died. Hoser escaped that attack with a broken nose, smashed back and arms and required surgery and years of ongoing medical treatment. He also got hit with a series of falsified criminal charges which he eventually beat.
Hoser's story was published in the best-selling books The Hoser Files and Victoria Police Corruption - 2.
The Victoria police officer who led the attack on Hoser, Richard George Valentine was found guilty in the courts of unlawful assault at the same time Hoser's name was cleared of the false charges, but Valentine kept his job in the police where he could continue to engage in acts of corruption and brutality.
The lead police witness against Hoser was a rent-a-witness, being a police protected criminal and pedophile named Brett David Winduss, whom even Valentine could not protect forever and was eventually jailed for a vicious attack on young girl in Kew, Melbourne.
The unprovoked attack on Hoser by the corrupt police was sparked after Hoser complained in writing of another police officer (Ross Bingley) who was corruptly protecting a gang of criminals attacking taxi drivers in the 1980's.
While an internal police investigation also found against Bingley, he too kept his job.
Hoser noted "Watching the attack on George Floyd on TV, brought back the memories of the pain and suffering I suffered at the hands of Valentine and his gang of thugs 30 years ago. ... it hit a raw nerve. ... even now I suffer 24/7 pain in my back, elbows and hands as a result of several police jumping on top of me on the floor of the Kew Police station. ... this sort of vicious attack you never recover from."
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